Lafarge jordan cement organizes 2nd paris trip


Corresponding with its goal to forge stronger ties with clients, Lafarge Jordan Cement organized its second five-day trip to Paris for 15 loyal customers. The trip was organized in recognition of clients' trust in Lafarge Jordan Cement products, and as part of the Company's efforts to raise awareness and highlight its products' competitive features that are on par with international standards.

Winners were selected according to the highest number of cement orders placed during the promotion period the Company launched between June and August 2011. The promotion aimed to further advertise Lafarge Jordan Cement products in the local market and boost their popularity.


Habes Assaf & Sons' representative Habes Assaf and Motasem Building Materials' representative Mohammed Itum expressed their delight at the trip and described it as a remarkable and well-organized experience. "We would like to take this opportunity to thank Lafarge Jordan Cement for its ongoing efforts to cultivate positive relations with its clients, and we are proud of the Company's high-quality products that continuously leave a distinct imprint on Jordan's construction industry."