The Hypergreen ecological tower concept was designed by Jacques Ferrier and Lafarge to blend seamlessly into the skylines of today's megalopolises.

The Hypergreen project

The Hypergreen project saw the light of day thanks to architect Jacques Ferrier. This 246m ecological tower complies with "sustainable building" criteria:

  • environmentally friendly materials,
  • upgradable construction techniques,
  • everyday respect for the environment.


The tower's structural elements (slabs, walls and columns) are created in Agilia®. This self-placing, self-leveling concrete reduces effort and noise during construction and is aesthetically superior to traditional concrete.


The "outer skin", a mesh that guarantees the building's stability, is made of Ductal®, Lafarge's ultra-high-performance concrete. This reduces the raw materials needed, as well as the building's total weight

Hypergreen tower, Jacques Ferrier architect

Hypergreen tower, Jacques Ferrier architect

A tower that meets its own energy needs

Hypergreen uses renewable sources to meet its occupants' energy needs.

  • Wind turbines at the top generate electricity.
  • 3,000m² of photovoltaic cells turn sunlight into electricity.
  • The mesh reduces heating and cooling needs by regulating ventilation.
  • Rainwater is collected for use in washrooms and gardens.

A multipurpose tower

Hypergreen offers over 94,000m² of usable floor space, with room for shops, offices, apartments, green spaces, leisure areas and parking facilities.