Internship Programs


At Lafarge in Jordan, we believe that interns and recent graduates provide new insights, bring fresh perspectives and have the potential to grow within our company.

Our internship and induction programs are designed to give students the opportunity to gain valuable experience, put their education to good use and engage in meaningful developmental projects. Within this context, we adopted a new approach for our graduate engineers' internship program in accordance with our agreement with the Jordan Engineers Association.

This six-month program for fresh engineers', annually commencing in November, identifies internship opportunities for fresh engineering graduates based on Lafarge Jordan Cement's forecasted HR needs. Whenever internships vacancies arise, the Training Department screens potential program interns who - once chosen - undergo tests and interviews with the HR and concerned departments' managers. This process helps to determine interns' personality profiles and explore their career aspirations to guarantee that they receive the most out of their experience at Lafarge Cement Jordan.


In addition to participating in an induction program for orientation purposes and to set individual development paths, interns are required to join a three-month rotation program in the different departments developed specifically for each of them based on their background qualifications. Each intern is assigned a mentor to guide him/her during the training at the company. Under the rotation program, interns are encouraged to meet with our HR and Training Departments on a monthly basis to ensure that training progress is being made and to receive feedback on the mentoring process.


For the rotation program to be enriching, interns are assigned to a department of their specialty to continue their mentoring process in order to prepare and qualify promising interns for the fulltime recruitment opportunities at Lafarge Jordan Cement once they have completed their internship period.

Latest Internships Opportunities


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Start Careers

 The company launched the Start Careers program, which provides practical training opportunities for fresh graduates for one year, in order to prepare and develop these graduates and improve their technical, managerial and leadership skills. And provide a work environment that supports the creative ideas of these graduates.


The company launch the program, by participating in a number of working days organized by a group of universities and institutions to attract the fresh graduated students.