Presentation of Professions


Lafarge offers a wide range of career-enriching opportunities in the following areas: Industry and technology, research and development, finance, sales and marketing, purchasing and logistics, communications,...etc.

Health and Safety

Roles & Responsibilities:

 The best companies in terms of health and safety are the best performers in their sector. Lafarge's ambition is to be among the safest companies in the world and to reach "zero accidents". The health and safety teams' priority is to help line management with the implementation of the Group's standards and advisories in order to reinforce health and safety on all the sites, always combining standards with behavior changes.

You focus on coaching, coordinating and training. You drive the development of a health and safety culture in the organization, making "I care for our Health and Safety" a day-to-day motto. Lafarge sees health as a complement to safety and has established a comprehensive occupational health program for 2011 and the years to come.

The health and safety teams work transversally with other departments in order to frame the priorities and to make sure that the Group achieves the expected performance.


Profession Competencies: 

  • A graduate of a bachelor or master degree in the field of health and safety, engineering, construction management or science.
  • Committed to health and safety, and has the ability to drive organizational change and convergence through influence.
  • Rigorous with a solid understanding of safety and regulatory compliance.
Industrial and Technical

Roles & Responsibilities:

 Design and develop products as well as improve and perfect processes and equipment. The goal is to ensure that standards, deadlines and budgets are always respected.


Industrial Operations

Industrial operations teams use sophisticated piloting tools and increasingly innovative systems for assisted decision-making and manufacturing process management. These teams are responsible for manufacturing and equipment reliability.

Their role is to support production by ensuring respect for client commitments with regards to quality, deadlines and costs. They maintain an unrelenting focus on employee safety and environmental protection.

The industrial operations teams have to motivate other teams, master techniques and maintain managerial control. At Lafarge's manufacturing sites, this overall responsibility is handled by streamlined organizations, ensuring high operational independence.



Technical Support

Technical support teams play a key role in transversal projects in order to improve industrial performance. They design and implement investment projects and ensure the transfer of best practices and know-how in all technical areas.

Technical experts bring added value to operational units and enhance efficiency by facilitating the exchange of information and experience.


Profession Competencies:

  • An engineer with specific skills in materials, geology, mechanics, chemical or electrical engineering.
  • Rigorous and methodical.
  • Passionate about industry, manufacturing and the strategic aspects of transversal projects.
Sales and Marketing

Roles & Responsibilities:

 Anticipate needs, build relationships and be attentive to client requirements. In other words, set the client as your top priority.



Marketing teams work with R&D, manufacturing and sales to develop products and services that meet the needs of customers.

They are responsible for identifying and anticipating client behavior and expectations, guiding Lafarge's investment decisions by identifying high-growth market segments and developing effective sales tools.



Sales teams make a significant contribution to Lafarge's growth and development. Their role involves managing client portfolios, capitalizing on assets and reinforcing market share.


Profession Competencies:

  • A graduate of a business or engineering school (further training in marketing is a plus).
  • Comfortable giving advice and negotiating.
  • Outgoing, with good people skills.
Finance and Control

Roles & Responsibilities:

To drive growth and control industrial costs within a coherently structured financial framework. Lafarge's shares are traded on several stock exchanges, including Paris, London and Frankfurt. Therefore, the Group enjoys strong external growth, and financial management is a matter of strategic importance.

The finance teams work in a number of areas to integrate new acquisitions and standardize methodologies in management control financing and cash flow, accounting, consolidation, taxation, legal issues and insurance.

Their goal is to optimize the planning cycle and administrative management of business units while respecting local regulations, and to manage performance to control growth and industrial costs.


Profession Competencies:

  • A graduate of a business school with a major in financial management.
  • Meticulous and at ease with figures.
  • Able to establish relationships easily and engage with the financial community, shareholders and other partners.
Purchasing and Logistics

Roles & Responsibilities:

Purchasing and logistics lie at the crossroads of a number of functions. These teams work to optimize costs for each family of products or services. Their work involves organizing the purchase or sale of products in line with Lafarge's strategy, managing stocks and ensuring the transport and delivery of products in the most cost- and time-effective way. Teams are involved in projects from the earliest stages and enjoy a comprehensive overview of operations.

Profession Competencies:

  • A graduate of an engineering or business school with further training in purchasing, logistics or supply chain management.
  • Able to negotiate and establish strong working relationships.
Group Audit

Roles & Responsibilities:

These teams audit business units and processes in order to assess the level of risk and the efficiency of management controls. They also assess the performance of operations in all fields (sales, procurement, logistics, finance, etc).

These teams do more than traditional "auditing"; they play an important role in management assignments and advise business units to help them improve and grow.


Profession Competencies:

  • A graduate of an engineering or business school, or holds an MBA.
  • An experienced employee in an auditing agency or consulting firm.
  • Able to build strong relationships and is a skilled communicator.
Strategy and Business Development

Roles & Responsibilities:

These teams perform macroeconomic analysis on the basis of clearly defined parameters; conduct studies, market and competition evaluations; and identify strategic options.

Working upstream on key strategic projects, they play a significant role in merger-acquisition studies, perform evaluations, conduct financial analyses and ensure due diligence.


Profession Competencies:

  • A graduate of an engineering or business school, or holds an MBA.
  • Interested in strategy and international issues.
  • A strong communicator with good people skills.
IT and e-Solutions

Roles & Responsibilities:


Information Systems

These IT teams develop, integrate and upgrade the increasingly sophisticated information systems that are required by an international group like Lafarge. For example, they implement shared tools such as ERP, plant information systems and websites.



The teams use the latest technologies to upgrade work methods and modernize tools in areas such as customer relations, purchasing and recruitment.


Profession Competencies:

  • A qualified IT specialist.
  • Passionate about new technologies and customer service.
  • Interested in working on innovative pilot projects as part of a team.
Human Resources and Communications

Roles & Responsibilities:


Human Resources

Human resources teams anticipate and support changes within Lafarge Group. As well as managing employees on a day-to-day basis, these teams make a constant effort to improve Lafarge's performance by recruiting new talent, encouraging internal mobility and developing employees' skills through training.



In a complex environment, the communications teams work in an international network to develop Lafarge's corporate image.

These teams support the development of professions and individuals by encouraging dialogue and cohesion within the company.


Profession Competencies:

  • A humanities or human resources graduate (journalism, political science, etc) of a business school or university.
  • A sociable person who is open to multi-cultural environments.
Research and Development

Roles & Responsibilities:

 To innovate, invent, develop and drive progress in building materials as innovation is one of the Group's strategic priorities. R&D is an integral part of Lafarge's strategy and plays a key role in meeting the needs of tomorrow.

The Group provides resources that match its ambitions and devotes over € 170 million to research each year. More than 1,300 scientists, engineers and technicians of different nationalities are working to create the building materials of tomorrow at:

  • The Lafarge Research Center at the Isle d'Abeau in France.
  • More than 25 application and development laboratories around the world.
  • Technical centers linked to Lafarge's businesses and business units (a decentralized network).


Profession Competencies:

  • A highly qualified scientist in mineralogy, hydration chemistry, rheology or micro-mechanics.
  • Interested in other cultures and comfortable working in a team.