Jordan Cement Factories' production capacity stood at 175,000 tons annually when it was first established, but increased to 2.3 million tons by 1983. In 1998, the Jordanian Government sold 36% of its shares to Lafarge Group - a worldwide leader in the cement industry.

Today, Lafarge Group owns 50.2% of the Company's shares. Lafarge Jordan Cement's current production capacity stands at 4 million tons. 

The company owns two cement plants, one in Fuheis and another in Rashadiyah, and has an export terminal in Aqaba that was established in 1992.

Lafarge cements are designed to respond to the requirements of all of the Group's customers. Its broad range of products is suitable for industrial players, individual customers and architects:

  • Blended Cements
  • Portland Cements
  • Special Cements
Celebrating the inauguration of cement production in 1954
The inauguration of cement production from its first kiln