Innovative products


Creating products that are durable, easy to use, respond to customer needs and anticipate future demands are just some of the challenges which Lafarge's research and development teams face as they work to develop innovative products which give excellent value to all of Lafarge's customers.


At a Group level, Lafarge has developed Sensium®. This dust-free technological cement demonstrates the role played by R&D in the creation of increasingly innovative products for customers.


Lafarge has developed concretes which are easier to use and save time and money on building sites. These concretes are also more resistant, more durable and more aesthetically pleasing. Discover Ductal®, ExtensiaTM, AgiliaTM, ArteviaTM and ChronoliaTM.


SyniaTM, the first plasterboard with four tapered edges, and AquaboardTM a waterproof plasterboard solution, are just two of the Group's gypsum products. Learn how easy they are to use and discover their aesthetic properties