Health & Safety


Health and Safety is the first priority in Lafarge Concrete Jordan.  When talking about safety, the only acceptable result is zero injury.

To achieve this goal, a complete and efficient safety system was applied including all needed actions to protect workers and contractors.

Increase ownership and feeling of responsibilities for supervisory level

  • 30% of managers' individual objectives are related to safety and included in Annual Appraisals.
  • All managers are responsible for their own safety and their staff safety performance. No compromising is acceptable.
  • All managers perform Visible Felt Leadership (VFL) Tours and Safety Audits on site to improve workers safety behavior and plants safety conditions.
Applying Personal Protective Equipments

Our Top Priority and Core Value

0,76 is the frequency rate of accidents with time of

work in the Group in 2010.


Less than one accident per one million hours worked.

Improve plants safety conditions

  • Install belts conveyors and moving parts protections according to Lafarge standards.
  • Install fixed platforms, handrails, fixed ladders to protect from falling during working at heights.
  • Build new workshops and maintain old ones to insure applicability to safety standards.
  • Create circulation plans with clear isolated walk ways in all Lafarge plants.
  • Install safety signs.


Training, Awareness and Communication

All employees and contractors were trained on Lafarge  safety standards.

Drivers Training hours


A total of (1645) training days were achieved including more than (1066) employees during 2016.

Working at Heights Safety Procedurs

Improve Equipments' and Vehicles' Safety

  • Daily inspection before using any equipment.
  • Stop unsafe equipments immediately.
  • Apply a preventive maintenance program for all equipments.



Ensuring Safety Conditions for Our Equipments

Provide PPEs according to Standards and Type of Work

  • Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) are the mandatory equipments to be used in all working locations:  helmet, safety shoes, goggles and high visible vests.
  • Specialized PPEs are to be used according to work type and risks: Welding PPEs, Working at Heights PPEs, Chemicals PPEs, Working Environment PPEs.



Welding Personal Protective Equipments

Implement Lafarge Standards

  • Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) Procedure.
  • Working at Heights (WAH) Procedure.
  • Log Out Tag Out Try Out (LOTOTO) and Energy Isolation.
  • Management of Contractors.
  • Mobile equipments control.
  • Housekeeping.
Housekeeping for Equipments

Last update on 27/11/2017