All about Cement


Find out more about cement, its history and how we manufacture it. 


What is Cement

Cement is a hydraulic binder in the form of gray, dry powder composed of four major chemical compounds, all of which are oxides: Calcium Oxide (CaO), Silica (SiO2), Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3) and Iron Oxide (Fe2O3).


Cement is a major component of concrete and, when mixed with water, can be described as the adhesive that holds concrete together.


In this section, you will learn about the history and innovations which transformed this material into the highly versatile product that is used today. You will become better acquainted with the cement-making process from the extraction of the raw material to the grinding of the end product.


Through our glossary, we explain the technical jargon used to describe aspects of our work as well as terms used in the manufacturing and use of cement.    



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