Key projects


Lafarge in Jordan has provided cement and concrete to a number of high profile projects including:


King Hussien Mosque

A proud tribute to the late King.

9,600 tons (Premium type) Water harvest project of 4 Million m3 capacity

Kufranja Dam Project

The breathtaking King Hussein Mosque located in Amman was constructed using cement from Lafarge Jordan Cement.

Le Royal Hotel

Le Royal Hotel, Amman

Using 56,000 tons of cement and 140,000 cubic meter of Concrete from Lafarge Jordan. Hosting the Kingdom's visitors and located in the Third Circle in Amman.This 32-story five-star hotel represents an architectural symbol for the 21st century with luxury rooms and amenities.

Phosphate mines Co. wastewater treatment tanks

Phosphate mines Co. wastewater treatment tanks for industrial water recycling: 3,200 tons (High C/K

Porto Deadsea

Located on the Eastern shore of the Dead Sea, lies Porto Dead Sea on a total area of 800,000 m2 includes a rich variety of touristic locations

Raghadan Flagpole

Built in 2003, the second longest flag pole in the world.

Using 500 tons of cement and 200 cubic meter of Concrete from Lafarge Jordan. The 126.8 meter flagpole lies at the heart of the capital Amman in Raghadan Palace. Standing high in all weather conditions, the flagpole proudly carries the Jordanian flag.

St. Regis Hotel Foundations

St. Regis Hotel Foundations : 500 m3 of Specially designed high flowable, self placing & self compacting concrete in a structural strengthening task. The challenge was to strengthen up the existing structure after facing serious cracks & weakness points that must be repaired urgently. Thus the need for a high flowable, high strength concrete was identified

University of Science and Technology, Irbid

University of Science and Technology, Irbid

The university campus is located near Ar Ramtha, 70 km north of Amman, the capital, and 20 km east of Irbid, the second largest city in Jordan. It is centrally located at international crossroads to Iraq and Syria, and national roads to major cities in Jordan.[4][5][6] It covers an area of approximately 11 km², featuring the main buildings of a total area of 355m², constructed according to modern architectural designs suitable to the nature of its faculties.

Wadi Arab Water System

Wadi Arab Water System - Stage II : $110 Million water project to serve north districts: 21,000 tons premium cement