Sustainable Development in Lafarge Jordan Cement


Lafarge Jordan Cement follows in the footsteps of Lafarge Group in being fully invested in fulfilling its role as a responsible corporate citizen that serves all of its local communities. The company stresses achieving sustainable social and economic development in these communities through a number of well-informed initiatives that correlate with local societies' needs.


Lafarge Jordan Cement's commitment to its social responsibilities is the cornerstone of its social development and sustainability initiatives and projects. It is also an example on the company's awareness regarding its social responsibilities and commitments.


As a market leader, Lafarge Jordan Cement instills strong and dependable bases for building a bright future for coming generations. The company adopts Lafarge's vision that aims toward preserving its market leadership and devoting all of its expertise in the service of its stakeholders. This is why Lafarge Jordan Cement allocates an annual budget of JOD 1.2 million for the implementation of sustainable development projects as part of the company's activities.


Not only does the company's strategy focus on achieving socio-economic development in Jordan, but it is also committed to implementing Lafarge Group's environmental policies and aspirations that correlate with Jordanian standards and specifications.


Hence, the company has implemented a number of eco-projects many years ago and has invested heavily in many areas, such as:

  • Reducing emissions
  • Quarry rehabilitation
  • Plant beautification


Designed to positively impact the local community, Lafarge Jordan Cement launched its Binaa' initiative in 2007 in an effort to positively impact the lives of the local community in a sustainable manner and enact varied initiatives in response to their needs. Binaa' is the umbrella that encompasses activities and programs implemented by Lafarge Jordan Cement. It has three pillars:

The Rehabilitation of a Query into "Lahtha" Park in 2005


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