Diversity & Inclusion


Lafarge recognizes that diverse companies are better performers and wants diversity to be a mindset and a priority at all levels of the organization.

Within Lafarge, diversity refers to those personal characteristics that make us unique. They include visible differences, like our gender, race, age or physical ability, and include differences not readily apparent, like employment history, religious beliefs, education or nationality.


Lafarge's sustainability ambitions call for 20% of the Group's senior executive management roles (Lafarge Hay grade 18 ) to be filled by women by 2012. The Group's rules and internationalization policy require that the executive committee of each business unit has at least one member who is not a native of the country where the unit is located. To date, the Group has made great progress in achieving this goal.


Our inclusive culture is defined as supporting a work environment that values diversity, where all our employees are encouraged to share new ideas and innovations, and where equal opportunities exist for professional growth and development.

Diversity in Lafarge

Lafarge Group's success draws on the diversity of its 76,000 employees in 78 different countries. Lafarge:

  • Encourages non-discrimination.
  • Promotes the employment of handicapped people.
  • Encourages worldwide mobility as a means to share best practices.