Supporting local communities


Supporting Municipalities:


Municipalities are the official representatives of societies, through their elected councils, and are the company's main partners therein.

Lafarge Jordan Cement dedicates over JOD 700,000 for supporting the municipalities of Mahes and Fuheis; in Balqa governorate and Al Qadisiyah and Bseira; in Tafila governorate, a matter which reflects the company's role in the social and economic sustainable development of local communities, and in strengthening the company's positive connection to its immediate community.

These agreements aim at enabling municipalities to carry out their duties in line with visible laws as well as support and improve conditions of the local community.

Supporting Civil Society Organizations:


Lafarge Jordan Cement contributes to the implementation of sustainable development projects that boost the livelihood of Balqaa' and Tafila governorates' citizens through supporting Civil Society Organizations' (CSOs) Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) projects. The support aims at increasing employment opportunities and creating income generating projects.



Projects completed in Bsaira:

  • Establishing Bsaira Charity Society's building.
  • Constructing safe streets in front of schools and providing them with all safety measures.
  • Donating cash money to Bsaira Club for the construction of a Taekwondo hall.


Projects completed in Al-Qadisiyah:

  • Constructing a multi-purpose room in Al-Qadisiyah Municipality building.
  • Paving streets in front of schools in accordance with safety requirements.
  • Setting up an Internet lab at Al-Qadisiyah Club.
  • Constructing a car-wash for the benefit of Al-Qadisiyah Club.
  • Providing the Municipality with various machinery, including a water tank, a compressor and a heavy duty loader.

Support and Development Program:


In 2007, Lafarge Jordan Cement launched its Support and Development Program to help its retirees take full advantage of the incentives they received from Lafarge's Voluntary Early Leaving Program and establish their own SME multi-sector startups across Jordan. The program aims to provide retirees with a sustainable source of income that will improve their living standards and create employment opportunities for members of the startups' governorates. 


Lafarge Jordan Cement also signed an MoU with "IRADA", a Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation program for socioeconomic productivity enhancement, to help it in this endeavor.


The launched startups represent a wide range of sectors such as food, commerce, carpentry, metalworking, money exchange, car dealership, building materials and technology, among others. To date, Lafarge Jordan Cement has supported 538 startups that have generated over 1,551 job opportunities for various governorates, and has given each SME JOD 10,000 in funding.


The Program's resounding success earned Lafarge Jordan Cement 1st Overall among the Group in "People Development: Best Employee Commitment/Mobilization Initiative" in 2008.

Support & Development Projects