Lafarge Jordan Cement Operates Emergency Support Equipment during Snowstorms


Affirming its dedication to serving the local community, particularly in the areas where it operates, Lafarge Jordan Cement conducted an emergency campaign in Fuheis and Mahes during the snowstorms that swept across the Kingdom on Wednesday 29th February and Thursday 1st March, 2012. The campaign, which aimed to prevent road accidents during the storms, corresponds with the Company's unwavering commitment to keeping Jordanian citizens safe during turbulent weather conditions, as safety is a top priority at Lafarge Jordan Cement.

As part of the Campaign, Lafarge Jordan Cement cleared snow-blocked roads both within and leading into Fuheis and Mahes, aided residents in reaching their homes and extended a helping hand at Emergency Rooms in hospitals in the two municipalities. Furthermore, the Company cleared water pipes in, and roads leading to, the Fuheis plant so as to ensure uninterrupted productivity and cater to customers' needs.  


Lafarge Jordan Cement began taking the necessary precautionary measures as soon as the Jordan Meteorological Department forecasted the snowstorm. The Company dedicated a fleet of four loader vehicles and one road grader, as well as appointed a qualified team of Lafarge Jordan Cement employees, to ensure the smooth implementation of the Campaign and to provide citizens with around-the-clock support in order to enable them to carry on their daily activities, see to their basic needs and travel with ease.