Lafarge Jordan Cement and Lafarge Jordan Concrete Organize Visit to Lafarge Group’s R&ampD Center in Lyon


Lafarge Jordan Cement and Lafarge Jordan Concrete organized a visit to Lafarge Group's Research and Development Center in Lyon, France, for their VIP consultants, engineers, contractors and owners of building material companies. The trip, which took place between 12th and 17th September, 2011, is in line with both Companies' efforts to keep clients abreast of the latest research developments in the cement and concrete industry. Furthermore, it comprised a visit to Paris and aimed to strengthen Lafarge Group's relationship with clients.

The trip was also aimed at enhancing clients' trust in Lafarge Group's products and services, and was organized to keep prominent consultants in the building industry up-to-date with the Group's latest accomplishments and advancements in the research field. It also emphasized Lafarge Group's deep-rooted understanding of the critical role consultants play in selecting cement and concrete products used in major projects. Moreover, the trip was designed to raise awareness on Lafarge products and highlight their competitive features on an international level. It focused on Lafarge Group's efforts to provide clients with high-quality products as well as its achievements in innovation.


"Lafarge is genuinely interested in keeping clients abreast of its latest news and updates within the cement and concrete industry across the world. The visit to its Research and Development Center in Lyon was a great opportunity that allowed us to experience the magnitude and level of sophistication of its laboratories, and gave us a better understanding of the implemented work mechanism. I would like to thank Lafarge Jordan Cement and Lafarge Jordan Concrete for their hands-on involvement and cooperation during the trip," commented Osama Bdeir, General Manager of Amman Pillars for Cement Products.  


In turn, Waleed Al-Hawamdeh, a representative from Arabtech Jardaneh, stated, "I would like to begin by thanking Lafarge Jordan Cement and Lafarge Jordan Concrete for organizing this trip which consisted of invaluable and well-organized events. The activities we took part in at Lafarge Group's Research and Development Center helped us to better understand the latest technologies in the field of concrete production, and enabled us to discuss Jordan's pressing industry challenges and solutions."  


Also commenting on the trip was Ahmad Abu Sa'ad, a representative from Omar Abu Sa'ad Company for Concrete, who said, "I would like to express my gratitude to Lafarge Group for the hospitality it has shown us during the trip to its Research and Development Center as it has proven to be an ideal opportunity to garner important technical information related to our line of work."


Lafarge Group's Research and Development Center is a globally acclaimed leader in the field of building materials, consisting of cutting-edge laboratories and employing over 250 industry experts. Lafarge Group annually allocates more than Euros 150 million to product research and development, improving industrial performance and enhancing industrial processes. Lafarge Group's research and development investment is ranked highest amongst its competitors in the industry.