Upgrading and Developing Irbid Concrete Plant


 Stemming from its belief in the importance of strengthening its position in the local market, Lafarge Concrete Jordan implemented a project to  upgrade and modernize Irbid Concrete Plant . The objective of this project is to improve the level of its operations in order to deliver the best products and services to clients in the northern Jordan area.

The new project, which started in the middle of 2012, included the installation of a modern wet plant that uses the latest technologies to mix ready-made concrete.  The new plant production capacity will be 120 m/h, compared with its previous capacity of 50 m/h.  Moreover, the plant was supplied with several modern mixers and pumps.


A new management building was also constructed.  The new building includes a laboratory equipped with the latest machines for testing as well as all types of concrete products to ensure their quality.  It also includes a control room that overlooks all the parts of the plant, which enables the production technicians to oversee all the stages of production.  Also the drivers have now a comfortable rest room.

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