Purchases Street Sweeper to Clean Roads near Sweileh Plant


Lafarge Jordan Concrete recently purchased a JD 25,000 street sweeper, as part of its continuous efforts to ensure clean roads near its Sweileh plant. This step corresponds with the Company's CSR activities and is in line with its goal to serve local community members and maintain a positive relationship with the residents of Al Rahmaniyah, the area surrounding its concrete plant in Sweileh.



The sweeper operates twice a day including Fridays, emphasizing Lafarge Jordan Concrete's efforts to keep its Sweileh plant and surrounding areas clean, namely Al Rahmaniyah.


Additionally, Lafarge Jordan Concrete invested over JD 100,000 for the installation of new filters and silos at the Sweileh concrete plant and determined set working hours for its employees. This step corresponds with the Company's commitment to placing public interest at the top of its priorities and emphasizes its efforts to create a better future for generations to come.