Lafarge Cement Jordan Holds The Annual Ordinary General Assembly Meeting

As the Company's Board of Directors and its Executive Management is been to fully comply with the provisions of the companies law, the General Assembly of Shareholders of Jordan Cement Factories held its ordinary General Assembly Meeting on Monday, April 29, 2024, lead by the Chairman of its Board of Directors, His Excellency Dr. Jawad Al-Anani, and in the presence of the quorum of the members of the Board of Directors, the company CEO Mr. Samaan Samaan, the Legal Advisor and the Auditor, at the company's headquarters and through the technology of visual and audio communication and in the presence of the General  Companies Controller representative.


At this meeting, the company's financial statements for the financial year ending on 31/12/2023 were approved, in addition to the rest of the agenda items.


The Chairman of the Board of Directors thanked the shareholders, board of directors and the executive management of the company for all efforts made during the last period and for the patience and dedication of all its employees to achieve the interest of the company and its shareholders. His Excellency the Chairman of the Board also thanked the Reorganization Plan Supervisor Dr. Rafiq Dweik for his efforts to abide by all what was included in the approved reorganization plan and to implement all that resulted from it, noting that the insolvency stage that the company went through and the measures of the reorganization plan are aimed at ensuring the return of the company to the ranks of Industrial companies that contributes to the growth and prosperity of the national economy.