Lafarge Jordan Cement Supports Al-Qadisiyeh and Bsaira Municipalities


In line with its ongoing efforts to extend support to nearing local communities, Lafarge Jordan Cement renewed its partnership agreement with Al-Qadisiyeh and Bsaira Municipalities.



 The agreements include support to the Municipalities' activities and to civil society organizations including charity societies, cultural institutions and sports clubs in Al-Qadisiyeh and Bsaira. The partnerships aims to improve living standards, create job opportunities and serve the local communities through the implementation of a number of sustainable development projects in both areas.


"Despite the difficult and exceptional circumstances that Lafarge Jordan Cement is facing, we have chosen to continue to extend our support to the Bsaira and Al-Qadisiyeh Municipalities. This mutual partnership, which was established in 2006, corresponds with our firm belief in the vital role that municipalities play in spurring development and positively impacting the daily lives of citizens and the local communities in both areas," commented Lafarge Jordan Cement's CEO Toufic Tabbara. 


In turn, Head of Al-Qadisiyeh Municipality's committee Eng. Basem Khawaldeh stated, "Our partnership with Lafarge Jordan Cement will enable the Al-Qadisiyeh Municipality to deliver a wider range of services and implement development projects that better serve the local community."


Head of Bsaira Municipality's committee Mohammad Sadeq Al-Bwaleez also said, "We are currently in the process of executing a number of projects that aim to better serve the Municipality and provide community members with steady income-generating opportunities. We are confident that this partnership will enable us to implement additional projects that cater to the needs of Bsaira residents."