Lafarge Cement Jordan Launches its New Product "Ma’amel Cement" in the Market


As part of its sustained efforts to enhance its competitive position in the market, and to emphasize its leadership in the cement industry within the construction sector in Jordan, Lafarge Cement Jordan has launched its new product "Ma'amel Cement" in the local market. "Ma'amel Cement" is a new product added to the variety of Lafarge's products. It is mainly used in making blocks and ribs in manual and automatic block plants, as well as in making tiles, cement pipes and interlock.



"Ma'amel Cement" was launched in local markets after performing an extensive market study of customer requirements in the Jordanian market, in addition to a number of laboratory tests, with the aim of producing a cement variety that is suitable for making blocks, tiles, and cement pipes, where color, strength, and drying speed are highly considered and focused upon. "Ma'amel Cement" fully complies with Jordanian and European standard specifications.


In this occasion, Khaled Al Huraibat, Commercial Vice President at Lafarge Cement Jordan, said: "Launching the new product of "Ma'amel Cement" comes in line with the Company's trends that seek to provide new and high quality products that match market developments as well as customer present and future needs and requirements. We hope that this new product will satisfy our customers' needs and exceed their expectations achieving the purpose for which it was launched."


It is noteworthy that Lafarge Cement Jordan distinguishes itself by producing four different types of bagged cement, namely: Bani, Thabet, Rasekh and Muqawem, in addition to the new product Ma'amel, which has been launched to enrich the company's product portfolio, and to fulfill the market's different requirements for construction materials.