Key innovations


Since the start of the 20th century, Lafarge has been a leader in innovation. Almost a century later, innovation still lies at the heart of the Group's local and global ambitions. Discover some of Lafarge's key global milestones.



  • 1908: The Central Laboratory files a patent for Ciment Fondu®. This product is obtained by combining sedimentary carbonated rock, limestone and bauxite. Ciment Fondu® hardens quickly and resists high temperatures and corrosion.

  • 1932: Lafarge develops a new cement: Superblanc.

  • 2000: Ductal®, ultra-high performance and fiber-reinforced concrete, combines durability and high resistance to external forces. It produces lighter structures which are ideal for simplified construction methods.

  • 2000: Agilia®, the leading self-positioning, self-leveling concrete, pours effortlessly. Its fluid texture eliminates the physical effort and noise of the vibration phase. This easy-to-use concrete is rugged and esthetic.

Hypergreen Tower, with Agilia® and Ductal®

Self-leveling concrete

A variant of self-placing concretes, self-leveling concretes have a specially formulated and graded composition to ensure a fluid spread. They form smooth-surfaced slabs with no need for vibration or float finishing (used to make a surface flat).

Synia™, drywall sheeting with 4 tapered edges

Extensia™ concrete


  • 2002: Creation of PLAtec®, a custom solution for plasterboard drywall linings.

  • 2004: Lafarge is the first group to succeed in the industrial development of plasterboard sheeting with 4 tapered edges. Synia™ facilitates installation while guaranteeing perfectly flat ceilings and vertical surfaces.

  • 2006: The Group introduces Sensium®, a 100% dust-free technological cement. Sensium® offers greater ease of use, hardens more quickly and lends enhanced resistance to the mortars and concretes in which it is used.

  • 2007: Lafarge develops Extensia™, a concrete which can be used to make large surface areas without joints, and Chronolia™, a concrete which can be stripped of its forms after only 4 hours.


  • 2009: Lafarge announces Thermedia 6.0 B, a new insulating ready-mixed concrete developed for the French market and that improves buildings' energy efficiency.