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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1 : How can I submit a job application to Lafarge Group?

If you are interested in joining Lafarge in Jordan or to obtain information about Lafarge Group's recruitment process and professions, please consult the Job Offers section under Jobs & Internships in this website, or connect to then submit an application or send your CV.

FAQ 2 : How can I apply for an internship at Lafarge?

Information about Lafarge, related professions and internship programs in Jordan and the Group is available in Internship Programs section under Jobs & Internships in this website, or you can connect to to view available opportunities and to submit an application or to send your CV.                                                             

FAQ 3 : What form does the recruitment process take?

There are several stages to the recruitment process that sometimes include tests and interviews with various HR managers and/or line managers. The number of people involved varies according to the vacancy in question. 

FAQ 4 : Is international mobility encouraged in Lafarge, and what does it represent?

Yes, international mobility is encouraged at Lafarge and substantial improvements have been made in this area over the past ten years. Lafarge believes that the internationalization of its teams aids and supports the development of the Group, promotes a global approach by spreading best practices and speeds up the integration of new business units.
For the company, it is the best way of circulating its expertise and its culture. For a manager, it is a way of developing professionalism, the ability to adapt and an understanding of economic issues.

FAQ 5 : What place do women have in Lafarge Group?

Lafarge's professions, particularly the technical jobs, are categorized by local standards as physically challenging and are sometimes considered as masculine jobs. However, gender equality is an important factor in the company's recruitment criteria and is dealt with transparently as Lafarge is currently working to increase the presence of women in its business units.

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People Development

Giving our people every opportunity to contribute and to develop their talents


Being the preferred employer for our people means:

Offering a uniquely participative and supportive environment where people act upon their convictions and where daily interaction is founded upon trust, respect, dialogue and teamwork.

Giving our people exciting and challenging responsibilities and the support they need to be successful.

Developing talents and potential through regular training programs and on-the-job coaching.

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