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Working for Lafarge in Jordan

Find out more about Lafarge in Jordan, what sets us apart and what we offer our employees in relation to the Group's professions and Company's culture.

Our Philosophy


Lafarge's philosophy is based on making our people successful, focusing on performance improvement and being a "multi-local" organization that builds a performance culture.

Diversity & Inclusion


Lafarge recognizes that diverse companies are better performers and wants diversity to be a mindset and a priority at all levels of the organization. Lafarge seeks to benefit all its employees and to gain from the diverse skills, experience, and capabilities they have.

HR Projects & Initiatives


Lafarge has always put its employees at the heart of its strategy. Hence, it is committed to developing the skills and expertise of its employees through implementing different training programs targeting the different categories of employees.

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People Development

Giving our people every opportunity to contribute and to develop their talents


Being the preferred employer for our people means:

Offering a uniquely participative and supportive environment where people act upon their convictions and where daily interaction is founded upon trust, respect, dialogue and teamwork.

Giving our people exciting and challenging responsibilities and the support they need to be successful.

Developing talents and potential through regular training programs and on-the-job coaching.

LafargeHolcim. Cement, aggregates, Concrete.