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Concrete Lab Services



Lafarge Jordan Cement's Concrete Lab is the first of its kind, combining both cement and concrete services. Our service is accredited by the Jordanian Accreditation System (JAS).

Concrete Lab




 The Lab provides following Services:


  • Design and test concrete mix in a high quality
  • Regular production required tests
  • Technical support for customers
  • Train technical staff services


The Lab is located in Fuhies Plant and it has a technical advisors who are available to give expert help on the application and properties of our cement products


for more information please call :

Lafarge Concrete Lab: 0792492350

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Online Requests

Make requests, offer suggestions and pose technical questions through our newly created online section.

call 962-06-5622005

Technical video provides you with practical tips that will help ease and enrich your building experience.

For more details, please click on the link below.

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